What is infobank?

infobank is a product information management system. Features include:

  • A single system for all cross-media publishing: Internet, print, e-mail and Smart Phone
  • Real-time website updating
  • Automatic catalogue publishing
  • Accurate and consistent product information
  • Huge savings in staff time
  • Dramatic long-term cost reduction

Why do you need infobank?

The traditional process is publication-driven. Each publication is seen as a different project that represents a static view of the data, freezing everything at the time of publication and out-of-date as soon as it is published. Even websites are produced like this. We call this Stop-Go publishing: stop as soon as it is ready to release, and only go again when an update is required. Does this sound familiar?

Usually there are multiple publications that carry overlapping information: catalogues, price lists, websites etc. With the traditional approach each publication has to be maintained separately. Edits are noted manually or typed up on a word processor and often they will be re-keyed by the service supplier. Photographs have to be sent to different suppliers, each of whom may need to edit and re-format.Too much repetition within a publication and too much duplication between different publications causes inconsistencies to abound.

How does infobank work?

infobank provides an information repository to contain everything that you want to publish. All of the content is broken down into reusable components and stored in a database. Components include descriptions, codes, prices, specifications, as well as photographs, tables, diagrams, documents, URLs, and even video.

The information can be kept constantly up-to-date, and can be extracted and presented in any way you want, at any time, immediately. Instead of Stop-Go publishing infobank means On-demand publishing.

Cross-media publishing

Lets face it, as much as we all know that the Internet is the future of publishing the reality is that print is still vitally important and likely to stay that way for some time to come.

infobank is a total publishing solution. It can be used to drive your web site, produce your printed publications, export files for updating other computer systems, and much more.

infobank helps you control your own resources

How many companies ensure that they take possession of all of the artwork? And the photography. And the computer files. If you have ever changed printers or agencies and tried to recover some of these valuable resources, you know how hard it can be. Even if you meticulously take care to retrieve these items they are probably only good for producing the same publications. They have not been prepared with multiple uses in mind.

infobank software provides the means for you to manage your publishing resources. It lets you maintain the information so that it is correct and up-to-date at all times.

infobank interacts with your own computer systems

infobank allows you to seamlessly swap data with existing systems to avoid duplication of data entry. For example, product codes, prices and APN codes are items that are usually maintained on your order-processing system. It is not only wasteful to re-enter these in a separate system, it will inevitably lead to inaccuracies. However, product descriptions are usually stored in an abbreviated and sometimes inconsistent manner and it is better to maintain these separately from you main system.

infobank allows you to exchange just the information that you choose.