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What is imagebank?

imagebank is an Internet application that lets you share digital images via the Internet.

How does it work?

imagebank lets you store multiple copies of your images on our imagebank server for your users to access.

Why do you need imagebank?

If you have an extensive collection of product images that you need to supply to third parties, like agencies, distributors or magazines for example, it is very time-consuming both find the right files and then send them elsewhere by CD-ROM or e-mail. imagebank lets your users do it for themselves.

Self-service access

You can decide what images your users can access, maybe the complete library or perhaps just selected images. You can even give different levels of access to different users.

Public or private access

You can make your image library public for anyone to access or restrict entry by issuing passwords. Each password can be configured to confer access to different images.

Image library CDs

For very high resolution images to be used in printed catalogues you, or your user, may not wish to download them online. Instead they can create an inquiry by selecting images and this is e-mailed to you so that you can create an image library on CD.

infobank Image Gallery

If you have infobank Image Gallery software you can synchronise your images directly with imagebank. Your users inquiries can also be fed straight into infobank for creation of image library CDs.