About Icon

Who are we?

Icon has been helping companies publish their product catalogues for almost 20 years. Mostly big companies with big catalogues. In that time we have learnt a lot about the problems companies face and have developed some increasingly powerful solutions.

We are probably unique in addressing the entire publishing spectrum of print, cd-rom, the Internet, and e-mail, and most importantly, in recognising that they require one integrated solution.

We were perhaps the first company in Australia to abandon traditional typesetting and embrace the concept of storing information for publishing in a database, enabling that same information to be used in many different printed publications and later any other media too.

Over the years we have produced for our customers thousands of web pages, gigabytes of cd-roms, hundreds of thousands of printed pages, and millions of e-mails.

Total product information management?

Icon helps marketing departments manage their product information with software and services that provide total product information management. This involves the complete information chain all the way to the customer and back again.


  • Information maintenance: how you capture and how you store and organise your information
  • Information distribution: how you communicate the information, the media and the message
  • Information accessibility: how your customers find and retrieve the information they require
  • Information feedback: what your customers think, need and want, their questions and opinions